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Insulation? Double-glazing windows? Builder recs in London?

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soy413 Mon 06-Mar-17 00:34:49

Our flat seems to have really bad insulation (old Victorian conversion...apparently one corner was bombed during the Blitz and was rebuilt with inferior brick - you can really feel it's colder in that room!!!) - and we're thinking of putting in some insulation before letting it out for a few years. It seems that the 'outside walls' really get a lot of condensation and mould growth. While I was living here I was able to keep it away but we let some of our family use the flat while we were working abroad and came back to a really nasty surprise - all over one wall in the kitchen, and on the ceiling near the skirting of the 'outside walls' around the flat.

I'm guessing tenants won't care much about the fabric of the house and will not be vigilant about keeping down mould growth as a homeowner would be, and I'd like to do some damage limitation!!

Does anyone have any advice on adding insulation to internal walls? We live in a conservation area so doing anything outside is impossible. I think if we're adding insulation we should get double-glazed windows as well though in that case we might need planning permission and a tidy sum of £££...

Any builder recommendations in London as well? We used to know a builder who's really good but his manager is an awful, awful woman whom I never want to deal with again and I need a new builder.

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