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Washing machine broken - seeking repairman recommendation (Islington)

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patriciatbrogan Sun 05-Mar-17 20:50:43


My washing machine is broken: the drum is not turning, I think it may be to do with the belt. I just don't want to spend £60 or more to call in a repairman, does anyone know somebody in my area who can help out?


123bananas Sun 05-Mar-17 20:56:12

Try a search on here.

downwardfacingdog Sun 05-Mar-17 21:54:47

You can change the belt yourself. I did my drier recently. Ordered a replacement belt online and watched YouTube vids on how to do it. Was fiddly but only cost me about £15 including delivery for the belt. Can't see you paying much less than £50 to get someone in though.

Villagernumber9 Mon 06-Mar-17 00:14:14

Unfortunately, repairing it might not be worth it. It could be the belt, motor or something simple like the filter at the bottom, behind a panel.
How old and what make is your washing machine?

DramaAlpaca Mon 06-Mar-17 00:27:05

If the drum is not turning it might be the brushes. This is quite a cheap & easy job to do yourself. Have a google and look on Youtube.

patriciatbrogan Mon 06-Mar-17 08:56:09

Hi, I don't know how old it is, I bought the property with it - it is an Indesit WD 12 S.
What are your thoughts?

HiDBandSIL Mon 06-Mar-17 09:13:30

+1 for it being the brushes. Our washing machine (14 years old) stopped turning recently and it was the brushes. It cost £85 to have them replaced. Having read apacas post I'm thinking I should have done it myself!

imip Mon 06-Mar-17 10:35:59

Dh and I replaced the brushes ourselves. With the help of YouTube! It was a little tricky but the cost was under a tenner!

Dh then replaced the neighbour's brushes.

If you put the problem into YouTube you may be able to isolate the problem.

I'm v close to Islington and when our dishwasher broke down we called got Currys to fix it. It was expensive, about £100, but giggling showed us it was a problem beyond our expertise. If currys cant fix it, you don't pay the charge.

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