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Central heating plinth heaters

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Liz79 Sat 04-Mar-17 19:59:18

Does anyone have the "wet" plinth heaters that run off the central heating with a little electric fan to circulate the air? What do you think of it, is it adequate heating? Is the fan noisy? Is there a fire risk given the dust that's generally under there? Do you need to hoover the dust out to avoid this? Does the stuff in the unit above get too warm? Opinions gratefully received. We're getting a kitchen extension soon & don't want to waste wall space where a kitchen unit could go.

mrsglowglow Sun 05-Mar-17 10:20:57

We have one and had the same questions as you this time last year. We have found that the central heating part is all we have had to use so far even during that cold spell. It's fitted under our pan drawers that the hob sits on. I don't think the heat gets into the drawers but as it's saucepans in mine I've not really noticed. I suppose it could affect food if placed under a food cupboard.I'm glad we went with this as we were able to free up wall space.

mrsglowglow Sun 05-Mar-17 10:24:46

The dust hasn't been an issue for us either. Every now and again I put the hoover nozzle over it but as it's off the floor slightly doesn't seem dusty. The fan on first setting would not be obtrusive but the higher speed is similar to notice of the hob extractor. Hope that helps.

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