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second thoughts before exchange?

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user1484830599 Sat 04-Mar-17 17:11:20

Please tell me this is normal? I love the house and can't wait to live there, purchase has been straightforward but I have a case of cold feet. I guess it is the uncertainty and the increase in borrowing.

Has anyone else been in this situation and is there anything I can do?

SweepTheHalls Sat 04-Mar-17 17:12:20

I had a massive wobble with about 2 days to go, but stuck with it, love the new house.

user1484830599 Sat 04-Mar-17 17:15:26

Thank you SweepTheHalls I am relieved it isn't just me.

There is no way I would consider not going ahead. House is perfect and definitely the right move.

user1484830599 Sun 05-Mar-17 16:29:17

Anyone else? I am having massive wobbles today and I could really use some reassurance!

SloanyAnne Sun 05-Mar-17 16:36:34

Sorry I can't reassure you. I had the wobbles before 1 house. DH persuaded me to go through with it. We had it back on the market within 6 months because the road was too busy in a hear every car slowing for the bend and accelerating away fashion. Took ages to sell and lost us 25k.

Backed out of a purchase days before exchange because it flooded. I haven't regretted that for a moment.

Wish I hadn't been persuaded to buy this one. It was a big jump in mortgage and has taken far too much family time and money from the pot over the years.

Go with your gut.

OrangeSquashTallGlass Sun 05-Mar-17 16:39:57

What is it that's making you have second thoughts?
Could you write a pros and cons list?

Spam88 Sun 05-Mar-17 16:45:33

I don't think I found any part of house buying exciting, every step we took closer to confirming the purchase I felt sick (and my DH was the same). A lot of wine was consumed.

Go through the negatives of the property and consider whether any of them are a real issue or if it's just nerves making you doubt yourself (it's a big decision so natural to worry you're not doing the right thing!).

phoria Sun 05-Mar-17 16:47:39

i had massive doubts throughout the whole process and kept on going. big mistake in my case as they were legitimate concerns but it sounds to me that for you it's just cold feet. if you love the house (i know i didn't but thought i was being realistic), then go for it!

user1484830599 Sun 05-Mar-17 17:24:43

I'm sure it is just nerves. Fast forward 6 months and I'm sure i'll be happy as larry.

Thank you all for your replies. I do feel better knowing it isn't just me, I think I am just doubting myself as we get closer. I have felt sick constantly since we had our offer accepted, I thought I'd feel better as we got closer but if anything I feel more nervous. We have completely outgrown our current house and the new house offers so much more space. I did do a pro and cons list and the only con was the increased mortgage (which is still affordable).

Thank you everyone.

MrBennOfFestiveRoad Sun 05-Mar-17 17:49:30

I felt like this, I worried about room sizes, house location and extra cost, and the DCs were really upset about moving house even though they weren't changing school. Once moved in, we all loved it and still do.

user1484830599 Sun 05-Mar-17 18:21:52

Thank you MrBennOfFestiveRoad that is EXACTLY what I need to hear!

elfofftheshelf Mon 06-Mar-17 09:03:03

I second MrsBenn, I think it's part and parcel of buying a new home. The legal process doesn't help. I felt so bogged down by it all that by the time we got to exchange I felt as if I had fallen out of love with the house. It all changed once we got past exchange, knew it was happening and could really make plans. Good luck!

Kiroro Mon 06-Mar-17 09:35:51

I had MASSIVE second thoughts. Thoughts along the lines of - area / bexit / so much debt / style of house / renovation work / relationship stresses.

I'm in. I love it.

Well, I mean, there woudl be other houses and areas I would love more. But none that I could have afforded. I made the best compromise possible for me if that makes sense? The things I liked on viewing (room sizes, south facing small garden, practical things like driveway and side access) are the things I still like. The things I was worried about are things that I can live with until I win the lottery.

I would second the suggestion of making a list of the things you are worried about and try and see what is actually a REAL issue and what is 'not perfect but we have to compromises on something'.

user1484830599 Mon 06-Mar-17 10:01:22

Thank you elfofftheshelf and Kiroro. I do think it is probably just going through the motions of the legal stuff, it is so stressful.

Kiroro, we made a list when we were looking of all the things we did/didn't want, which was 5 A4 pages long! That was really helpful to decide whether to go for the house or not - it is a very old, individual house and there is nothing like it in our area. The chances of finding something similar are slim, if not impossible.

user1484830599 Mon 06-Mar-17 16:23:11

I've just thought of another (very minor, and completely insignificant and first world problems) but it is much bigger and I am really worried I be able to keep up with the cleaning.

I've already decluttered to within an inch of my life, but I am a worrier by nature and I need something to worry about! I'm also worried about problems between exchange and completion and then problems on completion day. I think I will only relax (slightly) when I actually have the keys in my hand!

minipie Mon 06-Mar-17 16:28:13

I had this! In fact days before exchange we were nearly going off to view other houses as we were so fed up with our seller and thought we were being mugs to pay the price.

We went through with it though and haven't regretted it at all (though I still do wonder if we could have got it for a bit less... but probably not in reality).

Kiroro Mon 06-Mar-17 17:08:35

it is much bigger and I am really worried I be able to keep up with the cleaning.

Same amount of people? So the house can only get the same amount of dirty but over more rooms. So clean each room less frequently to achieve the same cleanliness [that may or may be true] :-)

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