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Selling your home without an estate agent

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Failbydefault Thu 02-Mar-17 13:11:54

Has anyone any experience of selling their house without using an agent? I have someone interested in buying my house (theirs is already sold) and from what I can tell from reading online support, if they make an offer all I would need to do is provide an EPC?

nell15 Thu 02-Mar-17 14:09:37

We bought our current home without them using an estate agent. We've been in a month. We heard about this house through friends, approached the vendor, viewed it and made an offer then we both got solicitors and took it from there. Our vendor had several valuations done before we came to view the house and I'd also checked on the average price that similar houses in the area were going for on Rightmove. They gave us (out of goodwill) their old survey and epc - it was only 15 months old. It all went through fine apart from a hiccup with someone further down our chain. We emailed each other often and I kept our vendor informed of everything that was happening in the chain. Coincidentally our vendor bought a property through the estates we were selling our property with so it helped to have the estates rooting for us as clearly they want the sales

Failbydefault Thu 02-Mar-17 14:22:09

Thanks, that's really useful! I have now noticed that there is another thread on this already, so will check that too. Thanks for your time!

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