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Thinking of moving to near Didcot

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Carlacarr99 Thu 02-Mar-17 11:22:33

We're thinking of doing the move from London and looking at villages around Didcot in Oxfordshire. My husband and I would be commuting to London - can anybody comment on whether the commute is bearable? Are there car park spaces and do you get a seat??? What is the best time to travel?

Many thanks!

irregularegular Mon 20-Mar-17 15:53:32

I know someone who lives in Blewbury and drives to Didcot to commute. He has a first class season ticket - I assume because otherwise he couldn't be sure of a seat, and certainly not space enough to work etc.

Come to Goring. Walk to the station and be sure of a seat. Similar journey time as from Didcot.

On second thoughts, don't. Demand means houses are already too expensive and school over subscribed.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Mon 20-Mar-17 15:58:40

I know a lot of people that live in that area. There a lot of parking, but can't comment on availability. The trains are pretty rammed, but that's standard. Didcot has doubled in size in recent years, it's not the nicest area anymore (just my opinion), but there are some great villages nearby

Agree with the Goring suggestion (also Pangbourne). Perhaps look at areas around Oxford Parkway as well, also a good commute in and a nicer area, imo.

Hawse Mon 20-Mar-17 16:06:47

I live in Didcot, and I think it's actually an incredible place to live. Lots of people don't like it, because there are nicer villages (and Oxford) nearby - but it's a quiet gem. Extremely safe (I live on Ladygrove, and can walk back from the station in 10 minutes at midnight, and still feel safe). There are good schools. It's got lots of parkland, and a wonderful nature preserve nearby (The Earth Trust). Both me and my husband commute into London, and it's not too bad if you work near Paddington. My husband often gets the train just after 7 am, and he always gets a seat. Later in the morning it's dicey, but still usually ok. The parking lot nearby is about 1000 a year last time I checked, but if you live anywhere in central Didcot (e.g. Great Western Park, or Ladygrove, or Old Didcot), you can easily walk or cycle in under 15 minutes to the station. There are also local busses to the villages, such as Harwell and Blewbury.

If you need any suggestions for places to look, I'd be happy to give some.

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