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Broadband etc packafes

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shandybass Wed 01-Mar-17 22:04:47

I am Help? Im moving to a house with very poor broadband speed approx1mb with no prospect of fibre what am I likely to get?
I've been on line switching and they say £17-21pcm for a broadband and line rental package with EE and others. Or it offers me Bb and Tv for around £35/40.
I talked to a person at Carphone Warehouse and he said I can only get Pop or Bt for around £38 no tv but I didn't actually ask.
So who is right? And will I not be able to get Youview and catch up channels at all without satellite?
Where we are now is only 4mb and we get youview and several tablets and iPads working.
Sorry if I come across as a dinosaur.
I have an EE contract for my mobile iPhone which is also about £28.
Please help?
Is the C Warehouse guy right or is he only looking at specific companies?

ShortLass Thu 02-Mar-17 14:54:56

Our village was like this until recently. We had FreeSat, which is all the free satellite channels. If there is a dish at the property, you might want to look at getting a box for satellite channels with no subscription.

Not sure how much we paid as it wasn't me who organised the bills.

shandybass Thu 02-Mar-17 22:15:10

Thanks Shortlass. There is a dish there so I'll check it out. Any advice te wifi? Carphone Warehouse v uswitch?

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