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Stamp Duty Query

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Wowthatwasabigstep Tue 28-Feb-17 22:58:43

Just looking for a little clarification please. DW and I jointly own a BTL property which is rented out, DW owns a property which we will be renting out very soon and we have had an offer accepted on a property we would like to buy jointly and will be living in as our home. Will we be paying the higher rate of stamp duty that applies to second/ subsequent homes or BTL?

rememberpurpleronnie Tue 28-Feb-17 22:59:48

Yes, that is my understanding. I know friends who've chosen to sell their BTL rather than stump up the extra stamp duty- it's quite a lot more.

EssentialHummus Tue 28-Feb-17 23:03:43

Yes, I think so, unless you also have a resi property that you're selling to buy your new place.

Wowthatwasabigstep Tue 28-Feb-17 23:13:09

Thanks both, it is as I suspected,

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