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Anyone painted a dark hallway a dark colour?

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muscatmama Tue 28-Feb-17 12:40:31

We have a dark hallway in a Victorian house with red and black tiles. It's has no windows- so any light comes from open doors and a bit down the stair well. Currently painted (in the seventies)in a mustard yellow colour which I can only associate with baby poo. I'm thinking that I should just embrace the dark and go with a rich colour- but not feeling quite brave enough!! I'm not really into red walls but thinking something like F&B inchyra blue or little Greene Hick's blue with brass wall lights and mirrors to break it up. Anyone got any good photos of successful projects- or dark hallways successfully painted in paler colours? I'm open to all ideas/suggestions. Thanks !

muscatmama Tue 28-Feb-17 12:42:48

This is as light as it gets with doors open.

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