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Moving to Eastbourne - Advice please

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Oldowl Mon 27-Feb-17 17:39:59

My mum (72) has just announced she has sold her house and is moving to Eastbourne (from the East Midlands).

However, she has only spent 5 days there in the whole of her life (on a coach trip last summer) and does not know a soul.

She has also just finished radiotherapy as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept.

She wants to be on the bus route to the hospital, the town and seafront. Which areas should she be looking at? Where is lovely and which areas are best to avoid?

She wants to buy, has a budget of £200k and needs to be ground floor if she goes for a flat. She wants two bedrooms. Looking at rightmove this seems doable, but a bungalow seems out of her budget.

Would really appreciate some local knowledge as we are 100 miles away.

Kiroro Mon 27-Feb-17 17:44:47

Why is she doing this??

Oldowl Mon 27-Feb-17 18:48:46

My dad died last year. She had been his carer for about 6 years due to his ill health. She has had a bee in her bonnet for years that she has never chosen her own home.

She left school and went in the army-barracks, married my dad, a fellow army medic- married quarters, dad got a job that came with a house, dad had a leg amputation 6 yrs ago and had to move into a bungalow suitable for his disability.

She feels it is her time to choose where she wants to see out her days and liked Eastbourne when she visited last summer. I seafront hotel is very different to living there permanently.

She is going there on another coach trip in a fortnight. I don't want her buying the first thing she sees and making a mistake. I will of course view any property before she signs on the dotted line. I just do not want lots of wasted 200 mile round journeys.

Wistfulthinking Mon 27-Feb-17 19:47:18


Your mum could explore/consider Langney point. It is close to the seafront, the harbour and on bus routes to the town centre and hospital. There are a lot of retired people there and young families. It is about a mile or two from the town centre, but there is a small cafe/shop/news agent on Beatty Road as well as bus stop. It is also close to Asda and the crumbles shopping area, the cafes and restaurants at the harbour and there is a big Tesco and other shops near by.

The harbour is also nice, but more expensive and I think there may be sea defence fees. It is newer development.

My favourite area is Meads and around Gildredge park which is in the older part of town and has more period properties and is more expensive again.

I personally wouldn't choose Langney (different to Langney Point) and Hampden Park.

One thing to bear in mind is that many people have retired to the seaside and found themselves to be quite lonely. Your mum should think about how she plans to make friends and find her community if she makes the move.

I hope this helps!

Oldowl Mon 27-Feb-17 21:07:09

Thank you, Wistful.

Meads looks lovely. I have forwarded your message to my mum.

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