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littlestar34 Mon 27-Feb-17 15:54:06

Hi all. We are having our bathroom and toilet redone in March. We have our trades lined up to go and are sourcing our own sanitary ware. I am pretty sorted on most things but when I went to order the toilet I had a moment of doubt. It is a very small room (just contains the loo, bathroom next door) so our plumber said we want a close coupled toilet. I found one on Victorian plumbing website but then when I read information it said something in the questions about it being suitable for horizontal waste as no room for vertical waste. What does this mean? The toilet is upstairs on an outside wall and waste looks like waste goes down into floor before going down???
Can anyone help clarify for me?

NotMeNoNo Mon 27-Feb-17 15:58:49

I would check with plumber.

PigletJohn Mon 27-Feb-17 16:18:28

if the soil pipe goes downward into the floor, there are not many WCs that fit straight in. You can use an elbow to turn a horizontal outlet downwards, but it will probably mean the pan has to move forward away from the wall. Vertical soil pipes are often about ten inches from the wall (measured to pipe centre)

Is your floor concrete? Is it on the ground floor?

Post some photos of the current pan, showing the path of the soilpipe.

littlestar34 Mon 27-Feb-17 16:58:40

Thank you. It's an upstairs toilet and it's wooden floor boards underneath that lovely vinyl flooring!!

Kiroro Mon 27-Feb-17 17:41:33

LOL just needed the photo of the toilet + waste, not of the outside pipe :-)

So yes, you need a toilet that is suitable for vertical waste because your toilet waste turns and goes stright down, rather than to the side.

This thread has a simmilar issue:

PigletJohn Mon 27-Feb-17 18:20:04

looking at your second picture

it appears that the waste enters the external soil pipe (might be cast-iron) horizontally. In which case there must be an elbow under the floor, perhaps between the joists.

working with cast iron is a bit more effort than working with plastic. It could be tidied from outside but might need a scaffold tower.

If you have an experienced plumber working on the job, he ought to take a look and recommend how to do it.

There is already an elbow attached to the WC, so you could use another horizontal outlet pan in the same way.

Bottom-outlet ("S trap") WC pans recently available include:
twyford alcona ar1145
twyford e100
twyford refresh
Twyford Classic LL WC S Trap Pan CC1131WH
and possibly an Armitage Shanks Sandringham

but this project is liable to go wrong. You need the plumber to advise you what to order. These pans are not very commonly stocked.

littlestar34 Mon 27-Feb-17 18:41:06

blush ooops
Thanks will have a read.

littlestar34 Mon 27-Feb-17 18:45:05

Thanks pigletJohn. I will ask him. There was me thinking it would be easy. ☺

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