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Kitchen internal storage solutions for inframe kitchens

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ProfessorLayton1 Thu 23-Feb-17 07:45:43

We are having an inframe kitchen (DIY kitchens,yet to be installed..can't wait!). I did not order any drawer storage with it, am having mostly drawers based on MN recommendations.
Been to IKEA but where else should I be looking ?

wowfudge Thu 23-Feb-17 10:06:08

We're in the same position - I'm looking on eBay at various 'systems'. There's a Blum wooden rack that means you can stack plates upright in a drawer - that's a fantastic idea. I've found a much cheaper plastic version too. There are also the peg boards which IKEA do versions of. Blum do lots of different things, but they are sometimes pretty expensive.

Another thing I've seen is racking that organises pan lids and pans. Can't remember who by.

Also worth checking Hafaele.

Ramona75 Thu 23-Feb-17 10:43:52

I could do with some drawer storage for pan lids! They are a right pain to organise and keep falling over everywhere. Let me know if you find anything good:-)

NotMeNoNo Thu 23-Feb-17 10:49:30

Ikea are the best and cheapest, their plate holders are great. Have your drawers got the high sides so stuff doesn't fall out? Also the boxes like this are good for organising small things in a big drawer.

savagehk Thu 23-Feb-17 10:54:14

Re pan lids, I've seen a good idea where you hang them inside a cupboard door. Not sure how many cupboards you have vs how many drawers though.

ProfessorLayton1 Thu 23-Feb-17 13:06:38

Thanks all
I have looked at Hafele and Blum but not sure if they are ok for inframe kitchens
I need cutlery inserts as well..

wowfudge Thu 23-Feb-17 23:32:58

Do you know what make the drawer boxes of your kitchen are? We're buying an inframe kitchen and the drawer boxes are by Blum. The kitchen company makes the cabinets then fits doors and inserts made by other companies. The height you can get in a drawer will be the same as a slab door fitted over the frame, just the drawer front fits into the frame.

wowfudge Thu 23-Feb-17 23:40:25

Look at this on eBay

For simple pan lid storage.

The wire racking for pans and lids in drawers all seems to be US sellers

OnePlanOnHouzz Fri 24-Feb-17 03:51:35

Wurth and hetich also worth looking into too

venys Fri 24-Feb-17 08:19:35

I keep my saucepans in a wire mesh pull out corner unit and the lids fit great in the mesh slots. I have de Buyer stacking saucepans (is the handles come off) so there is plenty of room for all.

mrsmortis Fri 24-Feb-17 11:06:09

Have you looked at Lakeland? I've got several of their storage solutions and they are good for weird spaces or wired things.

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