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Turn downstairs bathroom into shower room?

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Ifonlyiweretaller Wed 22-Feb-17 19:59:24

My parents live in a bungalow which they extended upwards into the loft area. Upstairs they now have two bedrooms and a smallish bathroom with walk in shower (no bath). The stairs up to this conversion are quite steep, however they currently have their bedroom up there.
Downstairs is a further bedroom and what I would call a 'family' bathroom with a good sized bath with decent shower over it.
As my parents get older (they are already both mid eighties but quite spritely) my dad is concerned that as they age (!) they may find it more difficult to get upstairs so is considering ripping out the bath downstairs (difficult to climb into even to use the shower) and replacing with a shower cubicle.
However if they come to sell, as it is a good sized house it would probably sell to a family, so he is not sure he should be removing the only bath the house has. But if the plumbing is already there it wouldn't be difficult for a new buyer to replace a bath would it?

Villagernumber9 Wed 22-Feb-17 20:36:45

I wouldn't normally suggest removing a bath for a shower but, in the case of your parents, I'd say yes.
It's not a very big job to swap it back but, the pipes will be different and it might put some people off.
If your parents are planning on staying long term, I'd change it and worry about selling when the time eventually comes.

Ifonlyiweretaller Wed 22-Feb-17 21:02:58

They do intend to stay for the duration, so you're right Villager. It makes sense for them to plan for practicality rather than a future sale.

ChishandFips33 Mon 27-Feb-17 04:00:33

I would agree to go for it and live for the practicalities of today and the near future

People tend to overhaul kitchens and bathrooms when they buy anyway and it would be difficult to put a bath back in (speaking from a similar experience to yours)

Your dad sounds fab and getting the elderly to think like this is sometimes a bit of a battle so strike while the iron is hot!

ChishandFips33 Mon 27-Feb-17 04:01:23 a stairlift to the upstairs shower room doable?

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