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Anyone got Honeywell Evohome?

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ShortLass Wed 22-Feb-17 15:28:53

How did you get yours installed?

I'm looking to have Honeywell Evohome to zone heating in my house. Looks ideal as I can, for example, have the heating on in the lounge while unused parts of the house have the heating off.

I've got some building work coming up and want the builders (well, heating engineer/electrician) to install it.

The Evohome Shop says they will do it wrong, I need an Evohome installer. Really? I've looked at the installing instructions and they don't sound that hard.

I phoned an expert installer eight miles away, but he says he doesn't come out as far as me. Tried contacting four nearer regular installers through the Evohome website a couple of days ago and no one's got in touch yet. I'm going to have to ring them, but not looking promising.

I've asked on other forums, but have come back here because you are all great, real people with proper advice. What should I do?

Cacofonix Wed 22-Feb-17 20:06:23

We have had it recently installed with our building works. DH bought all the stuff from the Evohome website. Electrician installed the main bits for the boiler (not Evohome trained) and DH sorted out all the individual radiator valves and the main control panel (which is plugged in). It was very easy. We live in London and even we couldn't get hold of an approved Evohome installer.

ShortLass Wed 22-Feb-17 20:27:15

Thanks, Caco, so reassuring. That's what I thought. But it's been a 'mare trying to get info about it.

I want to do what you did, just get the plumber to put on the radiator valves. I'm going to have to chat to the builder when I book one.

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