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Larger Room vs Keeping Chimney

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Mistoffelees Mon 20-Feb-17 19:57:39

We are thinking of knocking through the wall between our living and dining room but this would mean losing the chimney in both rooms, there is just a gas fire in one room currently and the other has been bricked up. I've been doing some reading up as to what would be involved and a post on a different forum a few years back said that losing a chimney would potentially knock £££ off the value of the property. We are not thinking of selling up anytime soon so would it be worth it to have the bigger room we really want?

JoJoSM2 Mon 20-Feb-17 20:38:25

If your priority is a bigger room then just knock it through. Just make sure you do it properly as it's. serious structural job.

Mistoffelees Mon 20-Feb-17 21:36:38

Yes, I'll be getting a builder/architect in to advise and do the actual job, wouldn't dream of attempting it myself!

bouncydog Tue 21-Feb-17 06:11:30

Could you keep the chimney and put a double sided stove in? This would give the benefit of open plan with a heating option other than oil or gas which are both more expensive.

namechangedtoday15 Tue 21-Feb-17 09:12:18

We knocked through in the same way and took out the chimney. Best thing we did for family life (small children etc). Ours was quite thick though - I think the chimney breast was just short of 2m in depth between the 2 rooms so made a massive difference. But don't kid yourself its an easy job - you will not believe the amount of dust and soot that it produced, it was awful. We also had to level the floors and the ceilings between the two rooms as they weren't level when the wall came down.

We also have friends who kept the chimney but lost the wall either side of the chimney and have a double sided fireplace in it. It is lovely and definitely a feature. I think it compromises the space so kitchen feels small and dining room the other side feels small, but that just comes down to personal preference. I think thats an easier structural job though.

Mistoffelees Tue 21-Feb-17 09:45:01

We were thinking of leaving the fireplace and have it double sided but the room is quite narrow so it would basically be like a doorway either side.

Mistoffelees Tue 21-Feb-17 09:45:59

I think I'll get someone in to advise and take it from there.

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