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Does anyone have this sofa bed from Furniture Village?

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yawningbear Mon 20-Feb-17 12:19:19

Have posted in Chat but so far no replies so just thought I'd try here just in case...

Contemplating buying this

But two mucky children are putting me off. Not sure if it will just get wrecked really quickly. Would go for dark grey & it comes with Guardsmans protection plan and can be wiped easily apparently but given the sad state of my current sofa I need something durable. Can't go see it in person as no store anywhere near me so would be great if someone has it and can let me know if you love it or not?

Bluntness100 Mon 20-Feb-17 12:23:28

If you have it stain protected and also get an upholstery cleaner in say once a year or so to clean it it will be totally fine. I've just got a new fabric one and have animals about, I didn't go for leather as my experience shows dogs just ruin leather, they scratch it, and leather does stain, and the fabric ones lasted much longer especially when scotch guarded as they don't stain,

If you get an upholstery cleaner guy in ( think they do carpets often too) whenever it gets grubby it should stand the test of time. I'd say go for it.

Ps it's very nice.

yawningbear Mon 20-Feb-17 19:32:52

Thanks Bluntness, your reply is much appreciated! I have been in such a dilemma about what to do. Have found somewhere that will dye the covers of existing sofa but it's still ££ so not totally sure it's worth doing & there is a risk they will shrink. Or I could get a new sofa but really need a sofa bed & not many I like. The one I really love is from Loaf & is ££££ & I can't justify it, so found this one & think I may just go for it. As you say if I get it protected & then properly cleaned it should be fine. Thanks again!

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