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How much longer?!

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daydreamnation Sun 19-Feb-17 20:01:33

So we're in the process of buying and selling. Our mortgage is sorted, all paperwork we've received from solicitors we've promptly signed etc and sent back, searches have been done and survey. Our buyer has had his survey done, mortgage is done etc This whole process has been as painful as we expected but I'm trying not to stress. We were told that the 10th March was our provisional date for completion (ages ago!) but does that sound feasible?! Should I book our movers? What else needs to be done?

Spickle Sun 19-Feb-17 22:56:11

Sounds like you've done as much as you can at your end. However, more importantly, do you know where you are with your solicitors? For example, have the enquiries been dealt with, i.e. queries answered by your vendor and you answering those queries from your buyer. Is anyone buying or selling a leasehold property? Have you signed your contract and transfer? Who told you the provisional date for completion was 10th March? If it was the Estate Agent or your buyer or vendor, then it is only provisional and not to be taken as definite. Couldn't say if it is feasible without knowing what is still outstanding. Do not book removals until you get the go ahead from your solicitor on exchange. What is your vendor buying, i.e. new build, empty property, further chain?

Sorry for all the questions but it helps to ascertain how far along the process you are!

daydreamnation Mon 20-Feb-17 06:38:50

Thank-you for such a detailed response! Our vendor is moving into another property so no issue there.
We've signed so many things but not q contact or transfer.
Is the best course of action to call the solicitors and see how things are. Both estate agents have been really helpful and great at communication, our solicitors not so great but I think I'm being a bit passive and need to be a bit more assertive!

Spickle Mon 20-Feb-17 07:19:41

Yes, call your solicitor and ask them what still needs to be done. While the EA is there to enquire up and down the chain, they do not have legal knowledge nor access to your conveyancing file, so the information they give you is only based on what they are being told and what they think should happen next, but is not based on fact. Once the solicitor tells you what they are waiting for, you can pass this on to the EA or seller/buyer directly in an effort to hurry things along.

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