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Talk to me about Wickes kitchens AND induction hobs

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BG2015 Sat 18-Feb-17 12:03:58

I'm currently researching new kitchens. I've had a plan from Howdens which I like and am due to meet with them to discuss a quote. I have a builder/kitchen fitter who uses Howdens a lot.

I've been into Wickes today and was very impressed with the kitchens and the whole service they offer. The sales guy was showing us the ovens and hobs and I was impressed with the induction hobs (currently use gas)

So are Wickes any good? And what are people's opinions about induction hobs

Wickes currently have a 50% off sale and a further 15% until Tuesday.

MiaowTheCat Sat 18-Feb-17 18:24:44

Had our Wickes kitchen ( - this one) in just over a year and it's holding up really well, especially considering I've got the world's clumsiest husband and two kids who don't so much as open cupboard doors but try to swing their entire body weight off them. I didn't use their fitting service though - got it independently fitted. Judging by the swearing and questioning of the assembly instructions coming from the kitchen while it was being done though - they're not the clearest!

We've got a Bosch induction hob - after me muttering darkly at it that "you're bloody witchcraft you - how can you be cool but make things hot" for months and months after it was fitted I wouldn't go back to gas. I'm not sure I'd get another one with touch panel controls though as the sensitivity on ours seems slightly erratic - it can be a right bloody pain to get it to turn down a bubbling pan for example, but your boob brushing against the controls can turn it off completely on other occasions. It's absolutely miles easier to clean than our old gas hob though which is fantastic.

Don't panic too much about hitting their sales - they do them so often and the staff were quite open about when the next ones were likely to be coming around when we were looking around. We did the basic planning part of ours and she saved it onto their system to refine and pay for at the point where the next discounts started.

Delivery wise - we had a 7-10am slot for the kitchen and they were actually parked up around the corner at 6.15 (we had a relative arriving at that time that passed the lorry) waiting for it to turn bang on 7am to knock on our door.

TheNumberfaker Sat 18-Feb-17 20:07:49

I know at least 4 people who are really happy with their Wickes kitchen. Half had an independent fitter, the others went with Wickes.
We currently have induction. It is so easy to clean and provides an extra bit of surface too. Would always choose it now.

BG2015 Sat 18-Feb-17 20:19:55

Thanks for your replies

RandomMess Sat 18-Feb-17 20:23:40

Love my induction hob, went into rented for a while and was looking forwarded to having gas again - oh my days it was so sloooooooooooow, very happy to move again and get a cheap induction hob grin

Cleaning take seconds, Mr Muscle spray on kitchen towel wipe off - done!

indyswoofer Sat 18-Feb-17 20:33:53

Absolutely love my wickes kitchen. Cheapest cupboards but decent appliances
I used them for planning and used their fitter and electrician as we needed a new ring main. It did seem to take a while but was actually no longer than they'd quoted ( I think they quote an amount of days then make sure they hit that target IYSWIM)
We arranged our own plasterer and I did the painting and tiling.
Definitely go for induction hob, they are excellent and as an above poster said they're an extra bit of worktop when not in use.
Also go for a self-cleaning oven. Best thing ever!! No more chemicals and scrubbing, just a brush out of the ashes - and get oven at eye level if you can, so much easier.

UptownFlunk Sun 19-Feb-17 01:37:09

I love my Wickes kitchen. I had it put in a couple of years ago and it still looks like new and is very good quality. We haggled them down a lot on the price of the work surfaces and the company they used to put in them in was excellent - I think they were called Sheridans. Had I known in advance I would have contacted them directly for a price.

I found my local store staff were pretty clueless but they have a good national customer service department who respond very quickly and positively if there are any problems - just contact them on Facebook. If all else fails then using their CEO's email address will get you a quick response.

My tip is to buy a frost free freezer (as well as an induction hob) as it is bliss not having to defrost the freezer. Also, avoid the integrated AEG dishwasher, ours is terrible and compares very badly with our previous Neff dishwasher.

There was a B & Q kitchen installed in our house by the previous owners and I think the quality of our Wickes kitchen is far superior. My mother-in-law has a Howdens kitchen and it's pretty much the same quality as mine, however, I found Howdens' kitchen styles quite dated when I was looking.

Sushiqueen Sun 19-Feb-17 05:40:16

We got a Wickes kitchen in preference to a Howdens one (partly because the plan Wickes came up with was so much better- better usage of space and more pullout drawers and larders). Also got an induction hob as we have no gas in our village. Love the hob though it can be sensitive and I don't go by the numbers they say (for boiling/frying etc).

We used our own fitters and electrician which was a lot cheaper. The kitchen was fitted almost 4 years ago now and still looks great. Had no problems with it at all.

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