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South Facing Kitchen - what cabinets?

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Annex Sat 18-Feb-17 08:44:29

At the point of redoing our kitchen and was just wondering whether to go for matt or gloss cabinets - I prefer the look of gloss but fear when the sun hits them it might be too much glare.

Its quite a large kitchen with two south facing windows and a south east window.

Any views gratefully received

Usernamewithnodigits Sat 18-Feb-17 12:18:40

We recently moved into a property that has a large south facing kitchen/breakfast room, bifold doors, 10ft tall windows and a gable end roof VERY warm & light.

It has cream gloss which is much better than white I imagine as it's 'softer'. White would be very harsh I think.

The gloss does show all the dirty streaks when the sun hits but as I'm a clean-freak this doesn't bother me.

Ine area has black gloss floor tiles, the other area has wooden flooring, the worktop is black granite with copper/bronze all works very well with no glare as such but we have had to order some shutters to cool the room down a little.

Happy to PM some pics if required. smile

hilbil21 Sun 19-Feb-17 20:42:25

Could you PM me some pics? Im just about to get a new kitchen and what you have sounds exactly like what we want smile

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