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Adding value to a new build

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Squeezed Thu 16-Feb-17 16:55:50

5 years ago we moved to a new build after renovating our little terraced house. Although we knew it wasn't the most wise financial decision it was the best thing for us to do at the time. Now we are thinking that we will move in a couple of years to a different area despite loving the house.
The market is quite slow locally so I was wondering if there was any advice on how to add value or increase the likelihood of getting a decent price to the house.
As it's a new build the plot is quite small, but bigger than similar properties, so can't really extend and an attic conversation wouldn't make much sense (already three floors). We've already landscaped the garden and decorated from the hideous cheap magnolia but not sure what else to do. Any advice would he greatly appreciated.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 16-Feb-17 19:11:43

Maybe add a larder... do you have a utility/washroom?

We also added a garden room.

Squeezed Thu 16-Feb-17 19:47:15

I'd love to do that. Slightly odd design that the washing machine is in the cloakroom so it would be quite a bit of rejigging to get a utility.
Garden room might be an idea, could possibly do this at the side.

ninjapants Thu 16-Feb-17 19:57:45

We have made a box room, which was marketed as an office space, into a walk in wardrobe using the Ikea Algot range. It could be changed around to suit a new buyer or easily removed if required. I think it's a great use of the space (we don't need a home office) and removes the need for a big wardrobe in our room, making it more spacious than it would otherwise be

Squeezed Thu 16-Feb-17 21:40:36

I like the idea of a walk in wardrobe. We could possibly split the master bedroom to do this because it's unnecessarily large.

Qwebec Sat 18-Feb-17 03:04:40

If I were you I would call a local estate agent and ask for advice.

imjessie Sat 18-Feb-17 03:19:01

We made the back of our garage into a utility room and fitted bins where the machine was .

Squeezed Sun 19-Feb-17 08:47:47

Might try getting a valuation and asking for advice. I think the slightly unusual layout will cause problems. I wish the garage was attached to do that but it's at the end of the garden unfortunately.

Squeezed Sun 19-Feb-17 08:48:05

Thanks for the tips.

JoJoSM2 Mon 20-Feb-17 12:39:32

The walk-in wardrobe might be a good idea as they are currently quite trendy. Otherwise, it sounds like the space is maximised already. I would focus on the presentation to make sure it's spotless, stylish and smells heavenly. When I sold my new build after 3.5 years, most potential buyers commented that it was so immaculate that I looked brand new (and a bidding war ensued).

Kiroro Mon 20-Feb-17 12:45:53

I think you will just waste money doing things like putting in a walk in wardrobe.

You can't second guess what the particular buyers will want.

Just have it really nicely presented. Sell the inspirational lifestyle. "Look how happy you could be here, living this trendy hassle free life"

Squeezed Mon 20-Feb-17 16:24:09

We're starting to redo decorating so that should help. Might just focus on that and our bigger plot size. Market is saturated with new builds unfortunately so having a home that isn't covered in just cheap magnolia paint might be a good.

specialsubject Mon 20-Feb-17 19:36:16

New builds, like new cars, drop value. What is more important than the paint colour is that you've fixed all the snags

imjessie Mon 20-Feb-17 19:46:31

My new build has gone up in value nicely !!

Squeezed Tue 21-Feb-17 08:10:16

Snags are done and we've added built in storage. There's some big things we could do like move the kitchen but as nice as it would be, it wouldn't add much value. Last valuation we got had it valued at a bit more than we paid so that's good. I think we're just a little restricted in terms of how we can make it easier to sell (without dropping the price very low).

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