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Painting the ceiling and light fittings

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ShortLass Thu 16-Feb-17 08:38:28

I'll get a builder in to do the extension and knock about some walls. There will be new lighting including ceiling spots and wall lights.

I was thinking that I could bring in my own decorator after the builder has gone. I presume builder would leave dangling wires ready for lights, then the painting would happen, then the lights would be fitted. Is that how it works?

This has a knock on effect with regard to what I pay first builder. Because now I'd be looking at bringing in my own electrician to fit the lights to the dangling wires after decoration. Is that how it works?

I've been told to expect to pay £40/50 for wire and fit for each light fitting. But with this decorating thing, I'm looking at two separate electricians. So what's the budget then? Am I doing it all wrong? I know this is why people get one contractor to do everything.

Apologies for the second thread of the day, but I've been awake since 2am thinking about all this stuff.

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