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Unusual door Sizes - HELP

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perhapstomorrow Tue 14-Feb-17 18:04:04

I need to replace some of our internal doors that are an unusual size. The openings are approximately 715mm x 1930mm. I am looking for an off the shelf cheap door with the ability to trim off a large excess. I can't find anything that will allow me to trim of enough for the door to fit.

I don't want to go down the bespoke route as it will be too expensive. We are just looking for a cheap option as we are looking to sell our house shortly.

Any ideas where we can get such a door??

wowfudge Tue 14-Feb-17 20:50:08

Is it an older house? What about reclaimed doors on eBay or in a salvage place? And why do these doors need replacing? Some work isn't worth doing when you are selling.

Moreisnnogedag Tue 14-Feb-17 20:57:34

Ebay would be an avenue i would think but if you're looking to sell do they really need replacing? Our internal doors are higgedly piggedly (official term) and we are in the first instance going to try get them stripped first then will make some if that doesn't work.

dinobum Tue 14-Feb-17 20:59:02

We had this in our old house. We managed to get our carpenters to use pine doors from howdens, they were about £80 each and then about another £150 for a day of his labour (although they were doing lots of other work on the house too)

Villagernumber9 Wed 15-Feb-17 00:32:38

As your door opening is smaller than the off the shelf doors, just get a wooden door and cut it down with a circular saw. Just check first on the info label, how much you can cut off before you buy.

wowfudge Wed 15-Feb-17 06:58:46

Villager it sounds as though the OP has already tried that.

wowfudge Wed 15-Feb-17 06:58:57

Villager it sounds as though the OP has already tried that.

Villagernumber9 Wed 15-Feb-17 10:25:01

Sorry wowfudge. Trying to convert mm into inches in my head.
I know both B&Q and Homebase do different sizes of internal doors and you can cut some of them down a fair bit.
Think 30inch is the norm but you can get 27inch as well.

Cookingongas Wed 15-Feb-17 10:28:02

You should be able to get a 1980 x 730 and cut down. If you're doing it yourself- saw the height first to about 5 cm then plane the rest for a smooth straight finish. It won't be perfect but without a carpenter and tools it'll be the best possible

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