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Anyone have Solfex Warmboard Underfloor Heating?

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Sillytheothecat Tue 14-Feb-17 14:14:00

Here's hoping. We can't have a full wet system after all as floor turns out to be reinforced concrete and likely to cause major damage/disruption if they try to take it up. Hubby is very anti this retrofit idea and wants to go back to radiators. I quite like the idea of underfloor heating - as I'm in kitchen/dining room most of the day when home and I could just have heat on low in that room (and woodburner in lounge too if needed) - so have main heating (for upstairs) on less often? Or am I kidding myself? Main issue is I can't find any reviews or info on this system. It looks good but a few personal recommendations (or the opposite) would help. And we need to decide this week if not sooner - argh!

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