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SouthernNorthernGirl Sat 11-Feb-17 12:37:05

Those that have their dining table in their living room, would you be OK to share a photo please?
My room isn't very big, and has a sofa, table and chairs, TV unit, bookcase, coffee table and armchair (mainly Ikea)
I don't like it very much, and can't seem to find what I do like, so would love some inspiration.

SouthernNorthernGirl Sat 11-Feb-17 12:42:17

Made a title mistake - meant Joint, of course

ImNotReallyReal Sat 11-Feb-17 12:56:41

No photo as I live in a different house now. But we took out the cupboard under the stairs to make space for a dining table. We could keep it there for family meals or pull it out and extend it if we had friends over or for Christmas.

This was in a 2up 2down terrace which we'd made one room as a living/dining room. I'll see if I can find an EA photo without identifying myself.

SouthernNorthernGirl Sat 11-Feb-17 12:59:41

Ah, ISWYM (I think) The stairs were in the main room?
Of course, sorry! I forgot about identifying etc.

Wondermoomin Sat 11-Feb-17 13:10:21

Also no photo as we've moved but had a joint one in a couple of places. How you do it depends on the proportions of your room. Ours were both rectangular - say about 12ft x 18ft and about 11ft x 15ft (approximate measurements). For those, we used one end of the room as the dining bit. For the larger room, we sort of sectioned it off by having a sofa with its back to the dining table. The smaller room, it has to just be a 3ft round table and chairs in a corner.

What are the measurements?

JoJoSM2 Sat 11-Feb-17 17:47:20

Have you had a look on Houzz? It's a great source of inspiration.

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