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Southfields and Wim Park - with kids

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redberries1 Fri 10-Feb-17 13:42:03

Narrowed down a huge search area to here! It works in terms of commute and we can just afford a 4 bed here. Ticks other boxes like close to some friends, near proper green space and easy access out again.

Can anyone tell me what they like and dislike about living here?
And the schools?? Is Albemarle ok now? Is Wim Park supposed to be the best? Sheringdale?

Thanks for any info

Celeriacacaca Fri 10-Feb-17 14:02:15

I'm very familiar with the area. It's great for families and close enough for easy access to London. Has more of a villagey feel to it. A good selection of good schools - Sheringdale, St Michael's, Riversdale etc. Intake areas are minute so be careful where you buy. Much of the Grid is in a no mans land as far as schools go and too far to get into either Wimbledon Pk or Sheringdale etc, in spite of what estate agents will tell you. Have a look at the councils' applying for a primary school book online and it will give the distance actually admitted from, which can be as small as 500 metres. This catches a lot of people out as it's very densely populated with families near schools.

redberries1 Fri 10-Feb-17 14:29:37

Hmm this is what I'm concerned about. Seen two great houses but opposite railway line and sure not in catchment for much!

Celeriacacaca Fri 10-Feb-17 21:17:56

Which roads are the houses on? If Sutherland Grove you'd possibly be in intake area for St Michael's, probably Ronald Ross but not sure what else. If Elsenham St then be careful as probably not in intake area for much. Have a look at the council's online guide- it'll tell you exactly. Also, tubes run from 6am ish to 1am so would think carefully before buying near tube lines. Not sure if district line is going to get all night tube. PM me if you'd like any other info.

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