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Where to source modern kitchen sink and tap

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Goosegettingfat Fri 10-Feb-17 12:44:24

Any recommendations? We're having kitchen redone and I could get them through our kitchen supplier, but since they were less than competitive for appliances, I'm assuming they won't be for taps and sinks either!

wowfudge Fri 10-Feb-17 15:50:18

eBay - find the makes and models you like then search online for cheapest. Then go onto eBay and see if anyone is selling them cheaper. You quite often find surplus stock on there or items where the packaging has been damaged. Just make sure the description clearly states there is no damage, etc and clarify if necessary. We got a brand new range cooker for a whopping 26% less (£400) than the cheapest I could find online. If you will accept something slightly damaged or ex display there are even bigger bargains sometimes - often you won't even see the damage in use, e.g. on the side of a dishwasher.

If possible don't pay via PayPal as even if you link to a credit card, you don't get the usual credit card protection.

Goosegettingfat Sat 11-Feb-17 11:41:54

Ok thanks, I was avoiding eBay as I assumed there'd be no warranty, but I guess this isn't a huge deal with sinks and taps

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