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Bifold door order nightmare

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tankerdale Thu 09-Feb-17 16:41:14

Wondering if there's anything I can do?

Started a 'straightforward' kitchen extension at the end of October. Went to a bifold door company for schuco doors recommended by someone and seemed to have a good online rep. Not ones our builder had used but we didn't like the look of the frames of the ones from the local company he suggested. Windows are Schuco so manufactured in Germany.

Survey was done before Christmas, we got the drawings to approve in the new year but there were some queries raised by the builder and we were initially away so approval was sent 11/1 along with deposit of over £5K. Told 4-6 weeks.

Phoned about a month ago to check all ok as it was starting to hold up our builders - told initially 3/3 then when I grumbled this was too long, was told it would be end feb so just about 6wks from approval.

Phoned again to check and now the 'provisional' date is 23/3. This is awful - it's 6 weeks from now! I've wrote a grumbling email back but not heard, though to be honest as it's all provisional even if they say they'll move it forward I can't trust them. I haven't told the builder yet, I'm afraid to - they've been great so far but they need to move onto other things. Also we want to move back into our kitchen!!

What can I do?? Can I ask for my deposit back and go elsewhere? Not sure if that would get us anywhere quicker though sad

ShortLass Thu 09-Feb-17 18:20:42

Not sure about getting your deposit back. Sounds like you have a reasonable case to me. As for going elsewhere...

Origin doors have a quick turnaround. You can order doors now and have them in 2 weeks, I am told. Your builder could fit them or get a specialist company to fit them.

One local (to me) company I spoke to, Herts Bifold Doors says they are booked up for INSTALLTION for about four weeks ahead, but they can order the doors and have them in two weeks.

They look to be good doors.

tankerdale Thu 09-Feb-17 18:47:02

Yes this company do ordering and fitting too so I think part of the issue is scheduling the fitting. I'm going to ask the builder if there is a good temporary option they can fit (it's a pretty big area of bifolds with glazed gable end above) to enable them to get on and screed the floor, finish plastering etc. I just feel a bit misled. 4-6 weeks was obviously totally unrealistic.

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