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Tiling over tiles

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LlamaBananas Wed 08-Feb-17 01:25:12

Hate my house and my very dark black mosaic tiled north facong kitchen with a very small window.
We have yo stay here another 18 months before we can put the house back on the market.
We're trying to lighten up out doom and gloom tiny kitchen as cheaply as possible.

We are getting new doors and worktop and need to do something with the black and dark grey mossic tiled splashback.
Im not really wanting to take the tiles off. Dh is only agreeing to brighten it up because i moan so much about the gloomy cave. He's not keen to spend much money as we now know we will be moving.
Is tiling ontop of tiles a real no no. If this was a home i loved and intended to stay in i wouldnt entertain the idea but im desperate.
We're going from naff cheap n nasty wood effect units with black floor and work tops to cream or white so the black mosaic tiles wont fit in.
Any thoughts or alternatives?

PancakesAndMapleSyrup Wed 08-Feb-17 02:23:58

Take the tiles off and then put the new ones you want back on. Tiling over tiles is lazy and when you do come to sell peopke will notice and wonder where else you cut corners. Its really not much more effort to take them off.

Emily7708 Wed 08-Feb-17 02:56:54

I've tiled over existing tiles a couple of times before with good results, actually just did it fairly recently with some very thin self adhesive tiles from Amazon. The make was Royllent I think.

I've also used Perspex or acrylic splashbacks before, made to measure with all socket holes cut out and they looked brilliant. If you go for a very light colour or semi transparent you will need to paint your tiles in a light colour first.

VeritysWatchTower Wed 08-Feb-17 06:59:25

You can tile over tile as long as the original tiles are bonded well to the wall surface.

The issue with removing tiles is you don't know how easily they will come off in terms of gouging out the wall behind and repair work needed.

I have experienced both. This house still had the original tile from 15 years ago and the tiles came off in a sheet and left the wall perfect with just a small amount of tile adhesive that I removed with a razor stripper. Previous house removed a lot of the plasterboard behind. I am good at filling holes and so did this myself as we were re-tiling over it.

Also perspex is good but you can't have it behind the hob so you have to have tile/glass behind the hob.

Heyheyheygoodbye Wed 08-Feb-17 07:01:23

You can get tile stickers which go over the top and look pretty good.

7to25 Wed 08-Feb-17 07:35:00

When you remove the worktop, it will be easier to remove the tile. Some may remove themselves.

Ifailed Wed 08-Feb-17 07:37:19

Ronseal do a one-coat tile paint, maybe look the colour range?

Fairylea Wed 08-Feb-17 07:44:11

Paint them. Wilco tile paint is pretty good, then use a grout pen to go over the grouting.

If you're on Facebook look up the group "diy on a budget". Some great ideas on there.

ghostspirit Wed 08-Feb-17 07:45:49

I have tiled over tiles it did not even notice that I had. I tried tile paint once it's shit.

LlamaBananas Wed 08-Feb-17 11:53:18

Thanks for uour input. The tiles arent visable on a depth. The ends are butted up corner or door frames making me wonder if it wont be noticeable that ove tiled ontop of tiles.
The sheet/perspex alsp seems a good idea but with black tiles beneath they couldbe visable.

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