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How much does it cost...

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gchasbeeninmyhouse Tue 07-Feb-17 18:29:07

Roughly, ball park to get a driveway redone? It's about 25m2.

RoganJosh Tue 07-Feb-17 18:30:21

With what material? Tarmac, paving etc?

gchasbeeninmyhouse Tue 07-Feb-17 18:31:58

Paving I guess... don't have huge amount of money but need to get it done so a cheaper option that doesn't look too bad?! If there is such a thing?!

Snifftest Tue 07-Feb-17 19:46:38

Massive cost difference depending on materials, whether there is sufficient support underneath already, if the sub layer needs redoing. Brick paving in a herringbone pattern will be costly, block paving will likely be cheapest but won't last as long.

Most companies will free quotes. Also depends on area. In the NW it's roughly £1300 for new herringbone brick paving to an already laid drive.

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