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Merton Park anyone?

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redberries1 Tue 07-Feb-17 13:01:37

Anyone live here? What's it like? Looking in catchment for one of the 3 good primaries (any differences between the three?). Have have had a wander and seems very suburban and quiet but pleasant. Be good to get some thoughts from people who live here....
What do you do with young children?

pdunne Wed 08-Feb-17 12:59:38

No experience of living there with young children (we're a young couple), but we've just bought a flat in that area and I grew up about half an hour away. There seem to be quite a lot of families in the area.

From remembering what Wimbledon was like when I was little, there are lots of parks and the Polka theater in Wimbledon is a dedicated children's theater. The district line also means that going up to the Natural History and Science museums (which are free) is very easy.

Svalberg Wed 08-Feb-17 13:30:06

It's lovely. Check out if you'll be in the catchment for the new secondary school behind South Wimbledon station (not yet open).

Transport links are excellent with the tram into Wimbledon/Croydon and the Northern Line at Morden. There's Deen City Farm (community farm) nearby, Morden Hall Park (free entry) for walks and playing, Polka Theatre as mentioned before, and as many tennis clubs, ballet classes etc as you can shake a stick at (judging by the neighbouring children's movements).

redberries1 Thu 09-Feb-17 08:46:50

Ok great. Sounds positive so far. Is there a good community feel? Crime?

Svalberg Thu 09-Feb-17 12:47:45

Merton is the 3rd least crime impacted borough in London, however there was a man murdered in the park by Morden tube not that long ago (early one morning) but that was way, way out of the ordinary. We get phases of burglary, the same as anywhere else - they get caught & it all goes quiet for a while. Anywhere north of Kenley Road is more expensive, but south of it, Circle Gardens & Poplar Rd South are OK (I have friends live in both).

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