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What colour bifolds?

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timealone Sun 05-Feb-17 19:46:43

We're currently having an extension on our house - single storey to the back, and double to the side. It's a 1970s semi house, with green exterior tiles. Looks a bit like this:

We currently have white PVC windows and doors. At the front, I figured would stick with white windows but we might go with a pale green front door this time, but I've no idea what to do at the back. White bifolds might look a bit stark from outside, but would grey bifolds look silly with the green tiles? There will be a bit of separation between tiles and bifolds as there is the roof of the extension inbetween which will be grey.

timealone Sun 05-Feb-17 19:48:23

I should add that the bifolds are going to be v large stretching across the entire back of the current house. The side extension will include a utility room, so there will be a door and window to the utility room next to the bifolds.

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