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Plastering and painting house with a 4 month old

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Bellerophon Sun 05-Feb-17 19:12:22

Would appreciate any advice please!

Our DD is 4 months old, and my OH is keen to strip off all wallpaper, plaster the entire downstairs (lounge, diner and hallway) and have it repainted. Will take at least a fortnight to complete.

I'm concerned about not only the plaster dust, and the water vapour in the air, but also the paint fumes around our DD. We'd keep her upstairs or out of the house, but it's still likely she'll be exposed at times of course. I've looked at non toxic paints etc, but I'm just curious to hear what folk think etc - is there any risk for my little one with this?

PigletJohn Mon 06-Feb-17 00:19:55

Babies are said to be very hardy, but plaster dust is very fine and somewhat caustic. It dries the skin and makes me cough. It will impregnate your skin, hair, clothes, shoes, curtains, towels, bedding, carpets, lampshades, books, plates, mugs and everything else in the house, even if in drawers or cupboards. It will also damage electronic equipment such as TVs, cameras, phones and tablets, but especially computers.

Presumably your DH is a plasterer so is used to it. I have to wear a dustmask.

If it was me I would book into a Travelodge, and come back wearing a dustmask until I had been over the entire house a couple of times with a builders vac and then a wet mop, and washed all my clothes.

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