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Loft Hatch!

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ShortLass Fri 03-Feb-17 18:27:04

I have an insulated loft hatch, which is a great idea. But it's plastic on the outside (not wood that you could paint) and it's got awfully grubby and horrible. A replacement is in order.

My dad has a loft hatch which has a ladder fixed to the inside of the door. You can stand below it, bang it with a poll and - hey presto! - the hatch opens and you pull the ladder down to climb up and retrieve those Christmas decorations.

Great, I'll have one of those! I thought. If it's made of wood then I can paint it to match the ceiling perfect! Obviously, it will still need to be insulated.

But apparently, this is not possible. This from my dad:
"Can't find an insulated loft hatch that would allow a loft ladder to be fitted. Chatted with the supplier of the biggest range and you can not fit a ladder to any of them. All that I could see were plastic or powder coated metal."

Sigh. So, get another insulated one or try cleaning the old one and just buy a tall ladder to put in the garage?

NannyR Fri 03-Feb-17 18:33:46

I have a plastic, insulated hatch with a ladder fitted. The ladder isn't actually attached to the door but it's fitted to the floor just inside the loft. You open the hatch with a stick, then use the stick to pull down the ladder.

I'm sure you can buy those ladders separately, they don't have to come as a package with the hatch.

Villagernumber9 Sat 04-Feb-17 00:50:36

Can't believe I'm recommending B&Q but, they have one.
Abru Timber Complete Loft Access Kit, (H)2.8M.
Hope this helps.

PigletJohn Sat 04-Feb-17 01:34:39

You can paint plastic.

One flowing coat of non-drip gloss.

ShortLass Sat 04-Feb-17 11:50:28

Brilliant suggestions all three!

I love this forum!

thenewaveragebear1983 Sat 04-Feb-17 18:38:02

B&q sell one for £100. We are going to get one next weekend!

Newtssuitcase Sat 04-Feb-17 18:39:21

Like a PP mine is attached to the floor of the loft rather than to the hatch itself.

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