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FerretsRule Fri 03-Feb-17 13:45:36

We brought our fist home late last year and were aware of a damp problem so came to an agreement to pay half to get it fixed so the downstairs was tanked this seemed to solve it but now the damp is coming back in,

It appeares to be coming through the floor so now need to tank the floor too (very very old house)

The options we've been given will cost a fortune are there any other options people are aware of?

SellFridges Fri 03-Feb-17 13:52:23

I would suggest getting an independent damp surveyor to take a look. They will give you a detailed report on where the damp is coming from, what you can do to remedy it, what future damp proofing will look like and likely costs.

Ours was from Damp Detectives and cost around £250 for the report. We put in place his suggestions (a change to the gutter which cost £50) and we have just been informed that there is no further damp in our property. Well worth the cost.

OliviaBenson Sat 04-Feb-17 07:57:35

If it's an old house, tanking can actually be really bad. You need to find the source of the damp and take it from there.

Boulshired Sat 04-Feb-17 09:28:05

We used to live in a converted bakery after wasting money on a builders recommendation we had a full independent survey. Ended up with a full home dehumidifier and plasterboard (not sure what type) walls to create a cavity wall space in the downstairs rooms. Lived there another 5 years with no problems. But the inspector questioned that the builder had just cured the damp in one area by forcing the water to settle somewhere else (more technically worded).

PigletJohn Sat 04-Feb-17 10:25:58

it's a concrete floor, then?

How old is the building?

Is there a water meter?

Whatdoiknow31 Sat 04-Feb-17 16:11:32

Old houses need to breathe, putting anything on them to seal the moisture in just causes problems.

Don't waste your money on a damp specialist as they will just sell you damp proofing of some sort, which will mask the problem for a while, then you will be back to square one. Find yourself a Period Property specialist, someone who understands how these old houses were built and the best paint and materials to use to help them breathe.

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