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Painting a fibreglass garage door

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McNursey Fri 03-Feb-17 03:07:52

I've just had my windows replaced with dark grey aluminium frames. My white garage door now looks terrible.
The door is fibreglass or some kind of acrylic.
Is it going to be possible to paint it successfully? I'm worried about the paint not covering well or peeling off.
If it is possible, what sort of paint should I use?

rembrandtsrockchick Fri 03-Feb-17 06:37:06

Wash it really well.
Abrade the surface to give a key to the paint.
Clean it with white spirit or No1 thinners.
Apply a primer suitable for GRP...International Yacht Paints specialise in paints for GRP.
Abrade lightly.
Clean with thinners again.
Apply two coats of International gloss, using a good quality brush. Clean with thinners between coats.
There are other paints good for GRP etc, you could Google to find out what they are.
The key to a good paint job is Preparation, Preparation, Preparation! If the surface isn't well prepped (cleaning, abrading and priming) the finished job will not be good. It's worth the effort of the prepping to get the finish you want.

McNursey Fri 03-Feb-17 07:11:11

Brilliant! Thank you.

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