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AEG single oven/combi, plus induction hob and maybe fridge advice! ASAP!!

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Sillytheothecat Thu 02-Feb-17 19:27:06


So need to firm up our oven etc choices for new kitchen and typically I've left it to the last minute! So I've done a bit of research - we're having a single oven with a combi microwave above (want one that's like an extra mini oven - grill, oven, microwave...). Having been into John Lewis and measured what they had in stock the AEG one stood out as a good couple of cm wider inside that the others. It's the AEG BP500352DM (catchy) - does anyone have one?! Or other recommended built in single ovens? I'm guessing I'll need to go for a AEG combi too? Anyone go for a different make, although tbh I don't mind being a bit odd and having different brands.

Then induction hobs - I know a few features I want on these - but stuggling to search around them so any ideas/recommendations appreciated:
- wider than average 70cm or so/5 'burner' minimum
- with a flexi zone/bridging function
- someone commented that theirs beeped all the time and was very annoying - so one that isn't too noisy would be good
- anything else I should consider?

Then fridge/freezer - we're going freestanding - kitchen people think we're mad, but I hate built in fridges! We have a chest freezer so aiming to get as big as fridge as possible with a small freezer underneath for bread, peas, chips etc. So the two that stood out for me (again in John Lewis!) were Samsung RB37J5230SL and Bosch KGN39VW35G - tbh a fridge is a fridge really, but if anyone has any tips on these or others do let me know.

Sinks too! Where do you buy sinks from! I want a double built under (granite worksurface) sink - again not really sure I need recommendations for that but...

We're probably going to buy through the kitchen company (or at least see what their price is) but looking elsewhere.
Here's hoping someone can give me some tips :-)

Thanks all...

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 05-Feb-17 16:41:16

Hope this isn't too late - but check for decibels levels/ output of your FF as yes a fridge is a fridge - but a noisy fridge is a PITA !!
Most bleeps on hobs are turn-off-able, if you read the manuals - always wise to read through the manuals too, before you make a decision ... available online in 99.9% of cases

Sillytheothecat Sun 05-Feb-17 21:48:50

Thank - decisions (just about!) made - good tip re fridge noise, will double check now !

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