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Wood burner without a chimney?

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skiseasoniscoming Thu 02-Feb-17 13:27:46

Is it possible? Can you get a wood burner which vents straight through the wall as opposed to up through a chimney?

Hope my question makes sense

didireallysaythat Thu 02-Feb-17 15:39:41

Yes. You can vent out the back of some to the outside and have an external stainless steel chimney. Or out the top, up a bit and then out through the wall. The stainless steel double lined chimneys aren't cheap...

lemureyes Thu 02-Feb-17 15:54:01

Of course, an insulated flue will do the job. Whatever you do don't fit it yourself, get a well established company to do the job. Some will even do secondhand woodburners and flues that are in perfect working order so it won't break the bank.

You should also be supplied with a carbon monoxide alarm as required by law.

skiseasoniscoming Thu 02-Feb-17 21:54:38

I think the house already has a carbon monoxide detector, that some great news thank you :-)

Ruhrpott Fri 03-Feb-17 13:05:03

Yes possible, here's ours being fitted. Not cheap though (about £4500 in total including fire)

Ruhrpott Fri 03-Feb-17 13:07:45

And finished

skiseasoniscoming Fri 03-Feb-17 20:21:32

That looks amazing ruhrpott, thank you for the photos! I'd better get saving as now I know I want one

Daisiesandgerberas Fri 03-Feb-17 20:51:38

Same as what PO said.

We got a quote for the cheapest out there & all-in, it was £2,800.

The price for one similar to Pp's came in at £4,500, just like theirs did.

We won't be going with it sad

Looks like that may be the sort of figure you'd be looking at.

lemureyes Wed 08-Feb-17 21:20:23

Wow those quotes are expensive! Go for a secondhand burner it works out much cheaper than new. You may not find so many modern/urban styles but the classic ones always look good wherever you put them.

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