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Can anyone help me with some moving day tips?

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MaryPoppinsPenguins Thu 02-Feb-17 11:40:18

Due to a bunch of different circumstances in the past (moving from rented, onward purchase falling through, having a stop gap at parents, and knowing the vendors in the last one!) we have always taken our time moving into a property, we've never done it in a day! This time (if all goes to plan!) we are selling this house, and buying another in one day and have no choice but to do it all in one go...

It doesn't seem possible!!

Not only a house full of stuff, our dog, our kids etc... but my DD's garden playhouse, garden furniture, slide, trampoline?! confused

And then once you get there, surely you can get into a 'getting everyone to bed' situation if it's a late completion? Building furniture etc...

But I know many of you have successfully done this... would you share your experiences please? wine

MaryPoppinsPenguins Thu 02-Feb-17 11:44:07

Also, I want to leave this house lovely and clean for the lady that's buying it... which again seems like I'll have to ask her permission to get cleaners in after we've completed?

MaryPoppinsPenguins Thu 02-Feb-17 12:27:31

No one? grin

Somerville Thu 02-Feb-17 12:31:29

The only way to manage it when you've got to move out and in on same day is to have everything decluttered and packed in advance. Every non-essential piece of large furniture needs to be collapsed in advance, too, unless you're hiring in professional movers?

Somerville Thu 02-Feb-17 12:32:37

Are you getting movers or hiring a van and doing it all yourself? It makes a difference to the advice I'd give.

MaryPoppinsPenguins Thu 02-Feb-17 12:35:34

We've always done it ourselves in the past (as have had two weeks to move!) and DH wanted to do it again but it doesn't seem possible to me...

bigredboat Thu 02-Feb-17 12:36:58

Pay the professionals, it's a worthwhile expense for your sanity!

JillyJameson Thu 02-Feb-17 12:37:01

If you are having packers they will quite often come in the day before and pack stuff then so you don't have to get it all done in one day.

Put duvets/bedding, a couple of towels in the car.

Also you need THE box. It should contain:
Cleaning stuff
Milk, biscuits, tea bags, teaspoons and kettle
Mobile phone chargers
Toilet roll, soap
Anything you REALLY don't want to misplace like expensive jewellery/passports etc.
If you can fit it ink 4 (presuming 4 in family) x plates and 4 x cutlery. We very sensibly planned to have a takeaway the night we moved in and then realised we had no idea where plates or cutlery were. Doh.

The box should go in your car with you and not in the removal van. Likewise a bag containing a change of clothes for everyone, deodorant, shower gel, shampoo etc.


Somerville Thu 02-Feb-17 12:43:29

It's possible but there is much more likelihood of him underestimating the amount of runs in the van and not having everything out in time. This causes a lot of stress for your family and even more so for your purchaser, and could end up costing you a lot more than the cost of professional movers.

At the very least, get quotes for movers. Make sure to ask lots of questions about what size vehicle they would use, how many of them there will be, and how many runs in it they will need to do to get you out of the house you're leaving by mid-day. If you have a lot of stuff they might need to store some of it overnight as the volume can just be too great for one morning. Then he can see if he can get enough friends round and hire a big enough vehicle to replicate that, IYSWIM.

In terms of the practicalities; pack a suitcase each for the things you need for first few days, including bed linen, whatever you need for any pets, and a few boxes of kitchen essentials. Put those in your car even if you do hire professional movers, and take them over as soon as you get the keys, along with any pets. Make sure beds and mattresses go in the first lorry load and get put up as soon as they're unloaded, so you can get on with making up beds ready for when you're all exhausted later on.

sm40 Thu 02-Feb-17 12:43:32

Packers. They will come in the day before and pack everything except beds and the kettle! (They like tea). Pack 'the box' And they will give you a box before for 'personal' items!!!!!! Do kitchen cupboards might before when empty. The day of the move they put the other stuff in the van and go. Gives you a bit of time for a clean.
At new house they put all the furniture back up for you. And usually clothes stay in drawers. And clothes back into wardrobes. Put all the boxes in the right room. Just remember where the duvets are! Packers are the way to go. Just have a plan where all furniture should go. They work like ninjas and want quick decision. And don't forget the tip (cash or beer).

sm40 Thu 02-Feb-17 12:45:10

Oh and dog in kennels (friends) and kids away for the day if possible!

BiddyPop Thu 02-Feb-17 13:00:11

Pack as much as possible ahead of time, and stack it for ease of transport - so if you can, pack up boxes and stack in a spare room now, but move downstairs to living room the night before.

Things like books, music, ornaments, summer clothes (if moving in winter), "good" dinner service or kitchen items not often needed (turkey plate, kenwood chef used rarely etc), that sort of thing are all good for early packing. Emptying out cupboards and drawers so that furniture is empty and ready to move is also really good.

Try to get started early, and to declutter as you pack. So things go to the charity shop, recycling bin or dump before having to be transported to the new place.

On the day, put a suitcase with a change of clothes for the household, PJs, washbags, etc all together and put that in the car. A second suitcase/black sack should have sheets, duvets, pillows and a couple of towels. Also, put the kettle, mugs, box teabags, jar coffee, bag sugar, teaspoons, 2 packets biscuits and a bottle of milk, along with cleaning items (clothes, spray, couple of pairs of gloves, roll of black sacks, washup liquid, liquid soap and a couple of teatowels and handtowels), roll of kitchen towel and a 4 pack of toilet roll - into a box/bag - these also go in the car. They are the first things to go into the new house (whether using a "man with a van" service or lots of cars yourselves). So the early arrivals can do any cleaning needed, have the kettle hot as people need a cup in their hand, and can start on making up beds as soon as the actual beds arrive. (Essential kitchen items for the day, a few tools like screwdriver and hammer etc are also useful, and maybe some tape, nails, screws, cuphooks etc - depends on how organized you are and how much you think you might need that day).

Do you have anyone who can take the DCs/dogs for moving day? Particularly the dog, and the DC depends on their age and likely helpfulness (anything under 5 definitely ask for babysitter, over 5 consider the individual DCs and ability to help and not hinder).

It's perfectly do-able. DH and I did it (before DD but in 1 day and having no family available to help on the day so used a removal service). And I have been involved in helping a DUncle do it 3 times, all in 1 day and he had a LOT of stuff every time, even the times he had a truck it needed multiple car journeys ferrying as well.

LABEL EVERY BOX - Room to go to, and an idea of contents. Have a master list (preferably in a notebook) of all boxes and their main contents, and put a list of all contents on a loose leaf sheet of paper in the top of each box before taping it up. Makes it a lot easier to find the corkscrew late on night 1 or the whisk after 5 days of chaos.

If you DO have helpers, get 1 to stay in the new house after the first run. Their job is to get the kitchen functional - kettle etc for cups of tea first, then clean a bathroom for use on the day. After that, it depends on what boxes and furniture have arrived, but the 2 main priorities are to get beds up and made, and to get the rest of the kitchen somewhat sorted (putting crockery and food away etc, and filling the fridge with whatever comes from the old fridge in a freezer bag or from the shops). They continue emptying the priority boxes as they arrive, in between looking after other helpers arriving and leaving - they are also present as security so that only people involved are in and not anyone chancing their arm and walking back out with boxes.


lisaneedsarest Thu 02-Feb-17 13:09:23

Get removal men, they will dismantle and put everything back together for you. They'll turn up as early as possible to make a start. We had moved out and in with beds all made up by 5.30pm although we did leave cleaning until the next day. If you can afford packers it's well worth it but if not pack absolutely everything before the day, making sure you have a box of essentials.
Enlist as much help as you can get and clean as you go. If you can empty and clean any rooms before the day all the better - if you have two bathrooms empty and clean one and only use the other one. Maybe put the kids in the same bedroom and clean and empty the other one.
Don't under estimate the mess he removal men make though! If you can leave one person at the house you are moving from to clean each room as it is emptied that might work.

specialsubject Thu 02-Feb-17 17:41:07

dog goes to kennels for a couple of days. Ideally kids also farmed out...

the garden kit goes somewhere else if you are moving yourselves. Borrow a friend/family garden and put it all in there. My buyers asked if they could put it in our/their garden between exchange and completion and we agreed; but we had already shifted all our garden stuff and they were clear it was at their risk. If you do this, make sure your vendor's removers don't take it by mistake!

regarding cleaning - do all cupboards as you empty, then don't do again. Have a takeway on the last night so kitchen stays clean. Run round with the hoover as you empty the place.

multiple van runs may not work in a chain. Once the money has cleared you need to be out of your old house.

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