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is a free standing kitchen really cheaper and better value?

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1moreRep Wed 01-Feb-17 22:18:05

hi I need a new kitchen- I have been obsessing looking for a while now. I have a range style cooler and free standing washing machine and fridge and detest dishwashers.

I have looked at various companies and it looks cheaper to do it this way- but what do u do about flooring?

anyone got any experience?

wowfudge Wed 01-Feb-17 22:52:31

No dishwasher and a freestanding kitchen sounds like my idea of hell! Flooring needs to go wall to wall as it will visible under and between the furniture.

Kiroro Thu 02-Feb-17 13:04:25

No dishwasher and a freestanding kitchen sounds like my idea of hell!

Me too!

A nice fitted kitchen, no gaps for food to fall down the side or back of units, kick boards, smooth doors with no groves to trap dirt. Freestanding kitchens look cheap and messy IMO.

Tubbyinthehottub Thu 02-Feb-17 13:12:06

Flooring has to cover the entire floor.
What's with all the mumsnet hate of dishwashers? I love my two confused

tourbillon Thu 02-Feb-17 18:52:56

People hate dishwashers? Do you have staff?! wink

1moreRep Thu 02-Feb-17 20:24:52

I hate them as I like washing up as I go- I always have a sink to wipe stuff down, I am a single mum so when the kids are with my ex (3 days a week) it's only my stuff to clean.

1moreRep Thu 02-Feb-17 20:26:00

plus I actually like cleaning as I work full time so pottering about relaxes me smile

wowfudge Thu 02-Feb-17 21:24:48

Washing up is second on my most hated chores list to ironing. Each to their own! I love the fact a dishwasher is a cupboard to put dirty pots in and forget about them.

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