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NancySpero Wed 01-Feb-17 20:34:56

We are currently looking at moving out of London and have settled on the villages around Woking for the fast train into Waterloo. Chobham and Pirbright were our top choices but now we're thinking of Hoe Bridge school for the DC's which is on the opposite side of the town.

So, it would seem that Pyrford/Send/Ripley are more sensible options but we are not as keen on them. West Byfleet has been mentioned on another thread but I haven't been so need to check it out. Also considering Mayford/Worplesdon and Ottershaw. Does anyone have any thoughts? Especially with regard to commuting to London (DH) and doing the school run (me). Is living in Chobham completely bonkers if trying to get to HB every day?


Bellatrixandstrange Thu 02-Feb-17 12:53:32

Chobham is a rat run and massively over priced for a village which has poor public transport and horrific traffic problems. Will your dh commute from woking everyday?

NancySpero Thu 02-Feb-17 13:08:38

Yes the idea is he will get train from Woking. Is that naive? You abviously don't like Chobham grin

Bellatrixandstrange Thu 02-Feb-17 13:28:59

It's got lots going for it, nice pubs, cricket club, little shops. But I commute through for work every day and the traffic is solid from half seven to half nine and from four til half six! They are doing a lot of building there and have looked to build over fair Oaks airfield which would make it unbearable if they grant permission. Building on a huge scale is also happening on the A320 which would make me worry about mayford. Pyrford has a great reputation so does send and Ripley is handy for the a3. Good luck with your move.

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