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Emersion heater. No hot water again

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hannabanana Tue 31-Jan-17 22:08:35

Anyone knowledgable about ?
My flat has no gas to it so water is heated by 2 elements . I economy 7 and 1 Emersion . The thermostat keeps popping since I had both the elements changed , but am at a loss to know why . It's really hard to get a heating engineer as it's part electric part plumbing and they don't seem to want to take on the job . Would anything else work in its place ? Mega flow? My partner changed the elements and it seemed ok for a few weeks but now has failed again .

PigletJohn Wed 01-Feb-17 00:54:55

If you mean the reset button under the immersion element cap keeps popping, then it is overheating.

Each heating element has a thermostat under its cap (turn off all power before removing the cap, or get a plumber or electrician to do it. The thermostat should be set at about 50-60C.

If the bottom one is too high it will trip first the upper one, then itself. Sometimes thermostats fail, and they can be replaced fairly easily. You do not have to drain the water to change the thermostat, because it is in a sealed tube.

If the element was incorrectly wired, it might be permanently on, bypassing the thermostat.

If you can safely do it, turn off the power, remove the cap, and photograph the thermostat and connections inside. It is dangerous to do this if the electricity is on.

It is I think more likely to be the bottom one at fault.

if you mean that the tripswitch in the consumer unit ("fusebox") is tripping, then it is a different fault. In this case, photograph the thing that is tripping, and tell me all the numbers and letters printed on it. All of them.

hannabanana Wed 01-Feb-17 20:08:06

Thank you , we have reset the thermostats and turned them down . We have hot water but the shower is only lukewarm , it's a venti system as the pressure is so rubbish . Is there anything I can do to increase that heat ?
Thanks again so much for your advice.

PigletJohn Wed 01-Feb-17 20:18:00

you will need a thermometer.

What is the temperature in the hot taps?

What is the temperature at the shower head?

When you put your thumb on the spout of the bathroom hot tap, you can stop the flow. Can you do the same with the cold tap?

How long has the immersion heater been on?

What are the dimensions and colour of the hot water cylinder?

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