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Moving from London to Scotland, cost and logistics, anyone done it before?

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LumpishAndIllogical Tue 31-Jan-17 19:59:42


So we have found a property to rent near Edinburgh and paid the deposit, it's all done we just need to move! Very excited!

We had 2 removals surveyors offer us quotes, one came to take a look and provide a quote, but that was yesterday and they still haven't got back to us (one from London, one from Edinburgh). We actually did a video and inventory for the Scottish removal firm.

I was wondering if anyone has done it before? If so, how did the move work, did it take 2-3 days? How much did it cost? How long does it take for quotes to be calculated?

We don't have much stuff and currently live in a small 3 bed masionette.


Sandalwearingdoglady Wed 01-Feb-17 06:44:58

I did it. The removal costs were eye watering as you need to pay the firm for 2 days. We chose to move ourselves instead.

PrancerForHoney Wed 01-Feb-17 06:53:05

I did it myself too when I moved up to live with my DP.
Himself and a friend both hired a long wheel base, high top transit each. One from Scotland to London picking up the other one down there and drop off in Scotland. It cost £450 for the first including fuel top up and £250 for second.
I did have a major clear out of loads of stuff though. It's amazing all the stuff you really don't need. Like boxes in the loft that had been there for 10 years unopened from the last move! Although now I have a house full with new stuff!!

LumpishAndIllogical Wed 01-Feb-17 16:13:04

Thank you for the answers, we have had a quote for nearly 3 grand! So I can understand why you did it yourself!

Packing is only £180 of it so I don't think it's our quantity of stuff (we live in a pretty empty small 3 bed masionette with no attic etc), but the huge distance and access from our property (no parking directly outside) and difficult access to the cottage in Scotland that's pushed up the price.

Unfortunately there is no one able to help us with the move, I had an operation last year on my back and have a 6 month old baby plus DS1 so we really need lots of help. Looks like we will have to fork out!

LumpishAndIllogical Wed 01-Feb-17 16:14:15

p.s how long does it usually take for a removal firm to get back to you with a quote? We had someone round 2 days ago and they still haven't got back to us with a quote!

LumpishAndIllogical Thu 02-Feb-17 20:53:55

For anyone who reads this in the future we got 3 quotes: £5k, £3k and one quote for much less as we are able to use a Scottish removal company to take our stuff to Scotland on their return journey (they are already moving someone to London and we can be flexible on dates) so will work out around £1,500 with packing. Thankfully !

Herschellmum Thu 02-Feb-17 21:09:08

We moved from Scotland to Wales, cost about £1700 - £2000 I think, used a company called Blacks of Brechin, they matched it up when they had another delivery on a similar route. Took 2/3 days I think.

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