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What worktop do you have?

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Nopenopeyes Mon 30-Jan-17 22:18:11

We're getting a new kitchen island built and need to choose worktop. The existing kitchen has black granite worktops but we can't get a match for it as we don't know where it came from (was here when we bought the house).

We're thinking of getting wood for the island worktop, as then it won't try to match but not sure it will look ok. The sink is nowhere near the island before you ask smile.

Does anyone have contrasting worktops, and do they work? Any thoughts on wooden worktops for an island? Are they practical? Do they mark and damage all the time?

Thoughts on wood with granite? Our cupboard doors are a creamy Ivory colour, painted oak.

Helo me avoid a big expensive mistake please!

LittleBoat Mon 30-Jan-17 22:23:05

We have wood. Round the sink too, though we thought we might replace that bit with granite if it ever gets manky (it hasn't so far after 9 months).

We are fairly careful with it, but would have been whatever we'd got. We oiled it a lot to start with and have done it a few times since.

We have painted oak doors too. In pale stone and dark grey. Looks fab, I love it.

321zerobaby Mon 30-Jan-17 22:42:44

I've got white sparkly quartz, I love it and it's very low maintenance, always looks fab.
Previous house I had iroko hard wood (I chose it) and it never looked great, and was high maintenance.

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