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Has anyone purchased or experienced the Vision or Illusion Roman blinds from blinds to go???

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Luv2chat2U Sun 29-Jan-17 22:55:43

If so please could you share your experience before I decide to purchase.

Many thanks....

maybeIwillmaybeIwont Mon 30-Jan-17 00:32:57

Yes, I've got a Vision blind but from Blinds2go and mine is not a Roman Blind but a sort of two layer roller blind. You can roll it up or down and when it's down you can either have it with the day light coming in or not. It has horizontal stripe effect, it's in my bathroom and I love it!

MiaowTheCat Mon 30-Jan-17 10:15:17

I've got the vision style ones (not from that retailer) in the lounge on our bay window and they're fantastic in the options they give to balance out privacy or light, or blocking the sun a bit (on the 3 days a year we actually get summer in the UK). Since I got them about 3 other neighbours have talked about getting them in their houses.

The one minor gripe we've had with ours is the bottom bar can come undone a bit too easily - sorted out by us gluing the ends in slightly.

I'm going to get them upstairs instead of curtains when we re-do the glazing up there as well now.

Think we got ours from Amazon.

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