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Secondary Glazing recommendations or alternatives?

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NutellaMonster Sun 29-Jan-17 17:09:26


I've already had all of the windows in my house renovated 18 months ago by Ventrolla who did a good job.

I've had them round again this week to quote for secondary glazing and have Storm windows coming round to quote this week.

My problem is that we already have old secondary glazing on some windows (we live on a moderately busy road) and I hate the stuff. I know that you can buy some nicer looking options to my current c.1980s ones but I still don't like them as they are clunky and I love the look of the windows without them.

However my DH is adamant that we need them for noise reduction and to help retain heat.

Can anyone tell me from experience if the options by Ventrolla and Storm look ok or can anyone recommend another supplier?

Finally are there any alternatives? Are plantation or solid shutters effective when closed?


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