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Cost to install fireplace

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TurkeyDinosaurs Sat 28-Jan-17 19:49:38

In the North - we have a chimney breast that would need a hold.knocking through and plastered, a small stone hearth, an electric freestanding fire and a piece of wood for the mantel. Any ideas how much this might cost?!

TurkeyDinosaurs Sat 28-Jan-17 19:50:00

*hole knocking

Poorlybabysickday Sat 28-Jan-17 19:51:15

We recently had this done, it was much more expensive then we anticipated, just over £3000 including the cost of the fire

dotdash Sat 28-Jan-17 20:02:58

I've just paid £4000 for similar but we had a log burner installed.
We had an existing chimney with a nasty tiled fireplace and an old gas fire.
The price included removing the old fire place, plastering the wall and hole, sweeping and lining the chimney, fitting a stone hearth and a lintel above the fireplace. And fitting the new burner.
We're in the south east.

TurkeyDinosaurs Sat 28-Jan-17 21:48:24

Wow that's very expensive! I don't want a real log burner just a fake electric one. So we wouldn't need the chimney cleaning and all that. Can't believe it costs so much just to knock a hole in the wall

dotdash Sat 28-Jan-17 23:28:16

I thought it was quite reasonable! We had been quoted much more by some other companies.

hooliodancer Sun 29-Jan-17 10:35:12

You still need the chimney to be swept though I think. Stuff falls down otherwise.

We have just had our fireplace exposed (different sort of work though) and it was loads more than we thought.

DairyingLass Mon 30-Jan-17 09:01:27

Mine cost £1100 for the stove and £450 for the builders bill to remove existing fireplace, gouge out stone and rubble to make the cavity bigger, put flags down for hearth and plaster the cavity. Oh and about £100 for flue bits and bobs.

whatsthecomingoverthehill Mon 30-Jan-17 11:46:47

We've just paid £1850 all in for a new log burner, including knocking out the fireplace a bit, flue, hearth etc. That was a lot cheaper than anywhere else though.

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