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Has anyone bought a house with Mundic block? Or sold one?

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hooliodancer Sat 28-Jan-17 18:05:02

We are (hopefully) buying a house with Mundic. It is the perfect house for us. It has been standing since 1918, has had no deterioration in that time, is solid etc.

Has anyone done this? We have no intention of moving again if we can help it. I just had a little worry today, of what if we had to sell for some reason in the future?

Other mundic houses have sold recently in the same road. They take longer to sell it seems, but that could be just because there is a smaller pool of people able to buy them.

I would be really interested in other people's experiences.

OCSockOrphanage Sat 28-Jan-17 19:56:02

The only house I know of that was mundic was effectively condemned as unmortgageable so it was demolished and the (very lovely) site used to build another house. It's not common outside certain parts of the country.

Moomintroll85 Sat 28-Jan-17 21:25:02

I guess it depends what class of mundic it is, I think class C is basically unmortgagable so selling that could be very difficult as you'd need a cash buyer who didn't need to sell on in the future or a developer who wanted to knock it down (who'd likely also want a bargain). Other classes I think can be mortgagable to varying degrees though I don't know how easy this is in practice.

Also the location of the mundic is important, is it in several locations or isolated to one? The house we are buying had to be tested as the old chimney stacks were previously found to have mundic. They had since been removed but our surveyor saw the old test and was worried it could also be elsewhere. Thankfully another test gave the all clear, we would have had to pull out otherwise.

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