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More layout help needed urgently!

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harrietm87 Fri 27-Jan-17 16:10:40

We're trying to decide whether to offer on a place and the agents are putting pressure on us (surprise surprise). It needs lots of work and we're trying to decide if the space will work for us before offering. I've attached the floor plan. Question is, would you knock through between the kitchen and dining room to make a big kitchen diner OR would you put the kitchen in the current dining room and turn the current kitchen into a utility room (poss inc toilet and shower)?

harrietm87 Fri 27-Jan-17 16:11:25

To clarify, dining room is the reception 3 at the back of the house.

PosynPip Fri 27-Jan-17 16:17:37

Depends on the size of the rooms for me. If the current dining room is big enough for a kitchen and dining table then I'd keep them separate and turn current kitchen into a utility and toilet/shower room. If not, I would knock through. Priority for me is always a kitchen diner with large kitchen table. I'm not bothered about an island or having a separate dining room.

PosynPip Fri 27-Jan-17 16:18:32

Also, could the cellar be used for a utility area or at least to keep the washing machine and tumble dryer someone out of earshot?

PosynPip Fri 27-Jan-17 16:19:45


Titsywoo Fri 27-Jan-17 16:23:11

I'd knock through and include the end of the hallway with the entrance to the cellar stairs in the kitchen. Then put utility or a larder in the cellar. Or both.

Titsywoo Fri 27-Jan-17 16:24:00

Although I'd probably extend the kitchen out to the left too if I had they money.

Titsywoo Fri 27-Jan-17 16:25:11

Not keen on walking through lounge to get to kitchen. Would be a pain.

AppleAndBlackberry Fri 27-Jan-17 16:26:04

Are the stairs correct in that plan? So you have to walk through the living room then out into an internal hallway to get to the kitchen? Re your original question it's hard to say without dimensions but a utility room and a downstairs loo would be pretty useful if the back room is big enough for a good sized kitchen diner.

harrietm87 Fri 27-Jan-17 16:39:13

Hello all thanks for the responses. No the plan is misleading - you can walk down the hallway past the stairs to get to the kitchen, no need to go through the lounge. The cellar stairs go down under the main stairs so you go back on yourself to get down. We would hope to convert the loft in future and the cellar is quite low ceilings so would plan to use that as storage area rather than a room. Keep the ideas coming!

wowfudge Fri 27-Jan-17 17:00:07

Utility in cellar. Kitchen diner in back reception room with dining area looking on to garden. Current kitchen as office possibly formal dining room if needed/wanted.

AppleAndBlackberry Fri 27-Jan-17 17:55:56

How big is the current dining room?

harrietm87 Fri 27-Jan-17 18:17:15

I have no idea apple! Measurements annoyingly not on the plan. Big enough to fit a dining table in as well as kitchen especially if there was a utility room too.

PosynPip Fri 27-Jan-17 18:40:13

Are the measurements somewhere on the listing/particulars instead? If not I would be asking for them before I put in an offer!

harrietm87 Fri 27-Jan-17 18:44:20

No they aren't posy. Why should we ask for them? (I'm v new to this - moving from small flat so it feels massive)

superram Fri 27-Jan-17 18:48:52

You need measurements for the dining room so you can see how many units you could fit in. Standard are 60cm some 30cm

PosynPip Fri 27-Jan-17 18:49:18

I just think that it's very easy to misremember how big a room actually is. If you knew that the dining room was, for example, 2.5 x 3m, then that would be too small for a kitchen diner, but 4x4m might just do it!

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