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making the jump and leaving S.London for folkestone [shock]

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TAG30 Fri 27-Jan-17 12:37:24

So after years of thinking about it, weve decided its now or never to leave London and its expense and find cheaper housing.
After months of research and visits we've settled on Folkestone to move to in the summer holidays. My husband will use the high speed into central London (he gets free travel so thats not a problem) and i have applied for nurse jobs at the William Harvey and Canterbury Hospital (if anyone has any nursing experience at these hospitals id love to hear what its like to work there).
Anyone else done this? Would love to hear any stories about relocating to Folkestone especially from London.
Also, if anyone could recommend any local dance clubs id appreciate that as my 11 year old currently dances and would like to continue. Were not sure what school she will go to but any views on the local secondary schools would also be appreciated smile

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