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Loft conversion in phases midlands

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Clark2244 Wed 25-Jan-17 22:13:21

Hi, new here and looking for advice.
I want to convert my loft but can't afford it in one go and am in no rush so thought we could do it in phases. I would have thought the stairs and dormer would come first but can't find info on how much it would cost.....can anyone help and do you agree stairs as phase 1? Thanks in advance

HiDBandSIL Thu 26-Jan-17 09:02:43

I can't be much help but I think the floor would come first: it will almost certainly need to be upgraded with bigger joists. You would probably need to change the plumbing a bit at that point too. The stairs is usually done later on in the process (and would need to be after the floor) and if you're getting it done gradually you could access with a loft ladder for a while.

I think the bulk of the work and cost would have to be done in one go through: building the dormer which would include putting the steels and glazing in. You could then have a break before moving on to the fitting out: electrics, plastering, joinery, decorating.

That could be completely wrong through!

It might be useful to watch one of the videos on YouTube that show a time lapse loft conversion.

Also just to say that some loft conversion companies do "shell only" conversions or options that let you do parts of the work yourself / use your own contractor. However, if you're trying to do it as cheaply as possible I don't think a loft conversion specialist is the way to go.

user1471549018 Thu 26-Jan-17 09:17:41

I too would go for a shell only option when you can afford it, then you can fit it out in your own time. I'm sure it would be cheaper this way than to get builders in say 3 times. Plus it gets all the disruption and dust over with in one go! It would also make building regs more complicated I would imagine

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